On the subject of e brakes

(David Martin) #1

My handle pulls nice and easy from bottom to top and no brakes. Is there an adjustment at the hane or am I going aft?

(Grooveman) #2

David …

I believe the adjustment is under the car on the cable between the force multiplier (14) and the crossover cable (5,20,4) highlighted in yellow.

(Robin O'Connor) #3

Have you set the shoes in the drums?

(David Martin) #4

That looks easy I think I will try thst first. Check my post on the ac,it works!

(Casso) #5

Hi David, If you adjust the cable as suggested and the fault still persists It could be the bonding that holds the friction material to the shoes has failed, this happened on my previous XJ40. I had adjusted the cable so there was only three clicks on the lever but I could still rotate the wheels using a wheel brace so I removed the discs to investigate and found that even though the friction material was still about 4mm thick it was completely free from both shoes on one side and from the top shoe on the other.
As far as I can remember I had never driven the car with the handbrake on, but shortly before the trouble started the car had been sat for a week and when I tried to reverse it off the drive the shoes were stuck to the drum and there was a sort of jolt as they came free which was most likely the cause.