Once Again, with Vigor!


It has been some time since I have accessed your guidance with any frequency. I recently retired from a carer in real estate management and now have time to pursue my car hobby. Moreover, my memory is not what it used to be so you will excuse me for any mistakes in spelling, logic or other important parts of communicate.

I live in Moscow PA, and am a former New Yorker who lived for many years in Scranton PA, and now live in Moscow PA (a few miles east of Scranton). I am a retired property management; previously operating large office and apartment buildings. Some of the apartments were for low income elderly persons and others were for profit building for all ages.

I own two Jaguars XJ6 vehicles. And a red 71 XJ6 I bought from local owners in perhaps 1978 and a green 75 XJ6 ,originally a California car and subsequently from Florida. I purchased this vehicles in around 1980. The 71 is a local car and therefore has some underbody rust due to our local, generators use of salt. The 75 is a car is originally from California and Florida (the previous oner lived in two places) with no rust.

The cars have always been kept inside a dry garage so the paint is in very good condition. In the last few years I had neglected the car hobby due to time constraints. But now, my time is for the most part my own, which should allow me to peruse the hoppy to a greater degree.

I plan to focus on the 75 since it’s completely drivable and has a lovely interior. I will probably sell the 71 to someone who has more time and patience to restore the car.

I look forward to getting the 75 in to driving condition.



Good luck with your projects.