One for the Points and Condenser Crowd

Here’s an online copy:

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Ha ha…that’s funny John. I’m not going to ask what parts you’re referring to though. Anyway, in 1944, it would be unlikely GM would use a
Versus a

Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Mike. I downloaded it for posterity. -Scot

Yes, but that fault could be quickly spotted.

Sure, but they’d have to figure out how to get the bonnet open.

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Huge number of free download WW2 manuals on all aspects of maintenance, including Ignition Systems, which I cant locate atm, but here is an example

On one of my previous vehicles, which was an easily and well-liked to be stolen, I installed a hidden switch from the start relay to the solenoid, which diverted to a siren which had to be turned off with a separate switch.

That vehicle got written off in an accident, some clown ran into me, but I replaced it with the same model, however did not fit my “security” system, as it caught me a few times, except once, with fairly hilarious results, it proved itself very effective

Of course a very clever one may bypass it soon enough, but i think you would just move on.

Now peoples homes are broken into to steal the car keys, to overcome the immobiliser, which I dont like anyway, mine is the last year not to have one.

The following year, '97, if the immobiliser circuitry fails, that is the end of your vehicle, as it was a one off for that year, and “export” models, so no parts are available (unless you pull all the needed parts from a known working '97 wreck, including the ECU)

If you have the unused rear window defrost switch, make it a kill switch.

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Just having the push to start button defeats tyre guys, rego mechanics etc, they look at me all helpless, especially as turning the key to “start” in my 420G clicks a relay, but doesnt activate the starter

Thats how I got the idea to wire the home brew switch on my SUV

If I had an E-type would install one of those new-fangled track your vehicle by mobile phones devices

That is a clever idea :clap: . The starter relay in my Series II E-Type FHC is pretty close to that unused rear window defrost switch. I just might try running some wires to see how that works.


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I would replace it with a suitably-sized vacuum hose.


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Dr. Thompson, paging Dr. Thompson…


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Today’s car thieves may be adept with Canbus, but they’d be baffled by a dial telephone. Primitive 20th century tech is sufficient theft control. Where’s the PRNDL anyway?


Yep, When I go on an overnight trip, I hide my GPS tracker (made by Spytech), attach my “club” to the steering wheel and clamp a wheel lock similar to the meter maid’s wheel boot onto one of the rear wheels. I then turn my battery disconnect switch to the off position, put the dizzy rotor in my pocket and put on the car cover. Other than putting a Rottweiler in the passenger compartment, I can’t think of any more anti-theft devices to apply.

that is a great document: absolutely worth a read …even printing out with a highlighter…I am in that points crowd.