One for the purists

No comment. Paul.


Thanks Paul! Actually, I had seen that thing before - gorgeous colour - of course, not “khaki”, but “Fern grey”! I don’t like the rear view mirrors though - they don’t look period:-)



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

I’ve seen it before and… I like it!

Sadly it’s not selling.

I’ll bet there might be some interest here in TEXAS. (we do love our trucks)

We love ours too. Not trucks but “utes”. They do tend to be smaller, now out of production. Paul.

I love this one from years ago.


Maybe he should price it more like $150… :laughing:

2500 would be okay to ask, Iit even has the hubcaps on the rear wheels, the interior is not bad at all, someone did a good job from what I can tell; wonder why he messed with the intake, and the head/exhaust manifold are not perfect. Okay the leather is a bit shot and I would prefer an el camino style thing to this :grimacing:

That is a classic. Remember it running as well. Paul.

Yeh shame they used an Aussie for a NZ made advert :imp:

It an interesting car. Think I would rather spend the same amount of money on a well maintained original S1.

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