One huge Indian

A friend let me drive one like this when I was 16. Could barely put my feet on the ground .FB_IMG_1583773434992

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I drove a friend’s '36 Indian, once: jockey shift, foot clutch (“rat trap”), those teeny tiny drum brakes.

It was…challenging!!!

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A vintage Indian is my dream motorcycle. I missed out on an original paint Indian 4 about 20 years ago and have whined about it ever since.

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Indian Motorcycles were great bikes!
in the 19 50s would see them around when touring!
both BIG twins and even a couple 4 cylinder ones.

me, rode 1st H/D 1931 80" flatty 3 speed, went to LIMEY 1952 Triumph 650 T Bird, fast enough for most street stuff, EXCEPT H/D 47 KNUCKLE HEAD, beat me everytime,DARN!
MY Crowning achievement was 1957 , had a Modded by me 1950 H/D 74 bobbed, engine and gearing! at LACONIA NH. drag race won trophy for fastest speed of the DAY! ah days of young &dumb!

my DAD rode in late 20s and into 30s, he rode a 1927 Harley factory soup job, pix of the F-head 74,1st engine made by H/D with DOW Metal pistons, a straight thru Barrel carb, run out to 110mph in second gear, top of the speedo!
says he never got beat in a street race!
early 30s tried the NEW Indian Scout , said on a board track it couldnt be beat,handling was great, 74 Harleys to much torque get squirrly, scary!

… and look how that turned out for Burt Munro!