One of the 350 manual V12s for sale

Something a little bit rare for sale here:

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Good catch. Can’t remember seeing one come up for sale.

Hi Nick and Jim,

I was lucky enough to buy a S2 XJ12 that had an E Type V12 4 speed gearbox and 3.54 in it.

I can say it’s a blast to drive. I think some folks forget about this option when looking for a manual conversion. I think it was Pete Crespin that first told me about it.

Luckily, on another thread here, I learned that a different gearbox top cover is needed to have the stick come out in the right place. I didn’t notice this in the XJ12

I’ve since collected a second e type box, XJS pedal box and 3.54 diff. I thought I’d maybe try a swap myself some day, maybe to this Lister I have. That would make it similar to one of the 150 or so Jag made.

This older box will never be slick as a new 5 speed kit, but at the large price of those kits, it may suit some of us.

Now to find an XJ6 top cover!