One way valve in air bleed system

Greetings all,

My question concerns the small jiggle type one way valve situated in the spigot just below the main filler cap. after removing the old valve ( not easy ) the jiggle ball was facing towards the filler cap direction and not the banjo bolt. From what I can gather that is the way they were fitted at the factory. I would appreciate any help with this dilemma as to me it dose not make sense and should face the banjo. I have a new valve ( $5 ) in Aus .and want to get it right.


Here’s my solution to your dilemma :wink:

Heh heh, that little valve has generated huge discussion over the years, here and elsewhere.

FWIW, as the result of a very lengthy debate on another forum I ended up so flummoxed that I took the cowardly approach and removed mine entirely… and never looked back.

I dunno if this was right or wrong, and I’m not advocating doing so. But, if it’s a bad thing, I’ve not seen, felt, or heard any ill consequence.


Thank you John for your reply,
Checked that link, wow !! , it is like the never ending story, now I am more confused.

Thanks Doug for your reply,
I am going to try it both ways, the factory way towards filler cap ( mine was this way when removed ) and then towards the banjo bolt. I will see what happens and then take it from there.