Only in Vermont

Registration from 2017. Doors unlocked and ajar. Hood unlatched and the key in the ignition. I feel like I should offer to buy it just so I can get it out of the sun…

Didya stop and enquire?


I’ve ran across people who have things like that on their property. They have no intention to use them, restore them or drive them or, god forbid, sell them. They are quite content to sit there and watch them slowly deteriorate. I don’t understand why people do that.

Perhaps we need a second state CPS. In addition to Child Protective Services we a Car Protective Services to rescue cars that are being abused by being ignored and left to rust away.


I am going to do some enquiring. Seems a shame just to let it set there. I can’t imagine that the soft top will last long uncovered…

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Probably pretty safe.

Then there is this car that I have driven by many times through the years in rural New Mexico…

Someone suggested that if I inquired I might want to have both hands in plain sight and better still carrying a cold six pack in each.

I did take a chance and asked about this one in Montana…


Nice guy. A bit strange perhaps, but living out there may just do that to you.

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Guy not far from me, letting four of’em grow to the ground, along with 3-4 S1 Land Rovers.

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I remember once seeing a pic of an E-type in the woods with a tree growing between the bumper and the car. Pretty good size tree, too.

I owned a Triumph GT6 MkIII once. Keep on driving by. Seriously, on my list of Ten Best Looking Cars Ever, but what a horrible POS under the skin. Someone should build a replica using a non-Triumph drivetrain and a fiberglass body. And scaled up a few percent so an adult can get in it.

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George, curious, where in NM?

You told SWMBO no more, remember?


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I just wanna look, really, that’s all dear,:roll_eyes:

On NM12 a half mile or so NE of the church in Aragon.

Google Earth:

That Dodge pickemup next to it looks quite tasty as well.

I used to go hunting in that area 45 years ago in the Gila. You must have family to travel through there!

No family there - it’s just the scenic route from Tucson to Santa Fe.

Not many many gas stations either - I always stop at Henry’s Corner in Reserve…

Who can ID my travelling buddy’s car?

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AC or Cobra or Cobra replica.


1959 AC Ace.

Lorem ipsum

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Really? REALLY?

Do we look like we could fail such a softball question?


Probably abandoned because it has those ugly AMCO bars. :blush:

(Ducking for cover)

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You travel in good company!