Opalecent dark metal green

Hi all,
Have started to paint my mk2 but color is not what I expected. Ordered acc. to head line and say the same on can but expected it to be green.
Anyone out there that can send a picture of a mk2 in that color?

Mine has been repainted but was originally opalescent dark green so presume this is close to the original colour.

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I have a Mk10 with its original ODG paint. The car is in Stockholm, if you want to see it. I have a G and E in an incorrect shade of ODG, both painted in Germany. Both lack sufficient amount of green, but are identical, so I think the Germans get the wrong result when blending the paint according to their databases.

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Thanks for replies.
It might be so that it is the right color but was expecting different. Was in Skokloster long time ago with a beutiful green that I was told was ODMG. Not that I dont like ODMG,its very nice.
I need to find out the other green color before I paint the other mk2.
Thanks Peder for your offer and I might contact you next time I’m in Stockholm. Just to get inspired to start to assy my mkx. Painted it some years ago in gun metalic but had issue with poor brake performance so all stopped.

I have a Series 1 E Type thats Dark Green Opalescent and I am dreading matching the color.If its off the car just will not look proper.
Its original to the car, but almost enough to make me paint it BRG of which I have the “Perfect” match.
The fact I cant get it in a single stage mix expounds the frustration.

My garage looks just like this at the moment. Paul.

Well, I painted the base color but big surfaces like the roof,hood and boot lid did not turn good.
It got stripes of shiny and dull areas and can´t figure it out why. My main idea is the the spray gun got too low performance or maybe air pressure falls.
Anyway, the prevent me to add clear lacquer so all is stopped at the moment.

You may want to try using a slower reducer.
Make at least two good passes, cross coating them, and then quickly do a drop coat to help even out the metallics and prevent the streaking.
Paints such as Glasurit and BASF produced paint have a much less issue with the metallic layout and so dont need you to really drop coat them.

would you mind explaining what a drop coat is?

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A drop coat is a light,fast,complete pass of paint, sprayed from a little higher height. Your not trying to wet it down as you do with a normal coat (typically with a 50% overlap) just more of a dusting of the coat to help even out the metallic element.

Drop coat is usually reduced pressure as well as further distance. Lots of good YouTube videos if you’re interested in how this is done. I painted a base/clear metallic test panel for my Mk2 restoration. Even with a small 12” x 12” panel the base looked horrible until my drop coat which evened it all out.

Hmmm. interesting. I would have thought that would have given a sandy finish - I’ll look that up when I get the chance. Thank you.

You need to do it really after the final coat is applied and till fairly wet. You also do it immediately after youve finished the panel. Your not trying to put much more paint on it, your just giving it an even finish.
Which paint gun you use,and tip size, has a big factor as well as air volume.
Painting entire vehicles consumes a hell of a lot of air. In my experience a 20 CFM compressor will just barely keep up.
Some base coats are harder to do than others, depending on which brand of paint you use.
Typically, Ive never had much issue with Glasurit, Sikkens, or BASF’s paint lines. So those are the ones I stay with, but admittedly Glasurit has gotten far too expensive to be practical for all over paint jobs but its awesome paint with GREAT longevity. I call it the "Keeper paint.
On the other side, Automotive Art paint is going to make you work your a** off.
Paint is constantly evolving and its really tough to keep up with how things change.

Hi all,
well I resprayed the roof yesterday and put on a layer of clear coat after that. I got the paint fairly even now except 2 spots but after clear coat the spots did not appear so it looks good except some dust and clear cout was too rich in 2 small spots. I tested to have a small rechargeable LED lamp in one hand so I could see if it needed more coat or enough and it made me save the day. Will add second layer soon after fixing things from first layer…then it is the hood/boot lid/spare lid/ventilation and racing spats left to paint and then the fun begins.
Fantastic color and I can sit for hours just to look at the front…

Here is my Mk10 with original paint

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That is the percekt car in perfect color!
I got opalecent gun metal grey on my mk10 but looks better