Opalescent Silver Grey paint code

Hello friends,
Could anyone steer me towards a paint code for Opalescent Silver Grey, as found on a 1964 MK2?
Many thanks!
John G.

i have 3 version of paint codes on my site, 1st page has a silver/grey which you click on the either G.B.Y for a sample, other lists are for different brands.

Awesome site with a wealth of information!
Thank you so much for your dedication. Amazing work.
I found #2639 (with a question mark) and a ‘silver grey’ description.
Would that be the Jaguar color code for Opalescent silver grey, or could it be a different color?
Best regards.
John G.

i never found out about the ? with the number, if you go to chart # 2 and go to listing B0204, it’s listed as opalescent silver grey, i believe this should be the jaguar # , as you know paint companies will list their own version of a code, when researching for colour codes i found so much conflicting info i had to list in 3 parts so users could cross reference with a paint dealer, i can’t find a sample of opalescent silver grey for 1964 only 1968, the 64 grey is called pearl grey or darker mist grey…i’ve created a new colour chart on my site for jaguar cars…


Thanks for that, Tom.
With your help, my bodyshop found the color.
I’m excited the car is being painted tomorrow!
Best regards,
John G.

good to hear, i’m guessing we’ll see the end result?

You bet!

Jean Gadbois