Opening doors ... searching thread

guys I can no longer find the thread where the system to solve the problem of opening the doors was explained with details and photos … the one that used the screwed nut to put more pressure on the opening mechanism … I’ll get to work tomorrow but I don’t know how to insert the nut

The square nylon block that locks the adjustment rod in position has to released by pressing on the insert tab at the side of the block and withdrawing the nylon clip. Don’t drop it if you can avoid it!
When the insert clip is removed the rod end is exposed, so take the small nut and run it up the threaded rod. Now re-insert the clip loosely but firm enough to hold the rod in position. Try the door to see how it opens and closes.
When you are satisfied with the adjustment so that the door opens with only slight travel of the outer handle, run the nut down so it sits on top of the block. Push the clip firmly home. No more door/handle issues.

In mine there isn’t! :thinking:

Have a look at the other end of that long rod.

my mechanism is not like that … I don’t have that block, my handle pulls a lever that releases the block, it doesn’t push down on something like the diagram I found in the forum … it’s from 1987 … .that it’s different?

Ok could be, I know the early cars are different.