Opening old photos

I have posted a link to my old photos in the saloon forum, but although the front page opens the photos do not;

Is there a way to open them?



The old photos site does that sometimes. I noticed it while I began working on the new photos facility. Unfortunately it has taken quite a while to work up a new facility (I started in June). We’re almost there, but it still needs some work.

Thanks for letting me know Andrew.


I’m a bit fed up with saying “We’re almost there” with the photo migration. I’ll be glad when it’s finished.

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Software is never finished: it is just shipped.

~Mark Robbins, creator of LapLink (for the ooold chipheads in the room!)

Correct. The old site started doing it not long after i started working on the new one.

I’m on my phone, so it’s a bother to give a straight link, but have a look in #site-feedback at my call for testers. There is a link to the test site. You can use the search to find the albums you need and download/zoom the pics.