Opening photo album pictures

(Grooveman) #1

Yo Yo Andrew my man …

Any progress on allowing us to open the photos in the old photo albums without getting the small blue box with a question mark ?

By the way how are things in beautiful Eglisau ?

(Andrew Waugh) #2

I’m just installing another package (piwigo) to see if performance and features match our requirements, it’ll be Sunday before I can say if it was worth the effort.

If it was, we’ll do another round of tests.

Eglisau had a nice sunny day today, high of +10. Word is that the skiing is magnificent (but I’m installing piwigo).

(Grooveman) #3

And-d-d-d … How’s that test working out ??

(Andrew Waugh) #4

Not particularly well. I’m still messing with the basic installation.