Opinion, Comments on the X-Type to a Prospective Buyer?

Ahoy !
First time post in the X-Type Forum
I am considering the purchase of an X-Type, model to be decided, though gasoline/petrol not diesel.
Internet searches indicate it’s either a Love or Hate relationship with the X-type: Owners either love them to pieces and former owners would love to beat them into pieces.
Any models / model years I should stay away from or seek out ?
Ditto on features and accessories ?
Many internet postings complain about electrics and dashboards - Any truth in this ?
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Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

I have an 04 wagon that I’m pleased with. It is my golf/skiing/daily driver with the 3.0 V6. It gets good mileage for an all wheel drive of 25 to 30 MPG.

2006 3.0 litre AWD here, I use it to tow our club trailer to shows and other events when I don’t take the XJR.
Goes well and has been reliable except when I screw something up, (take the dash out and not connect the plugs back in properly :imp:)
It returns good mileage both around town and on trips.

I bought a 05 X-Type sedan two years ago with 32,000 miles on it. The only problem I have had is starting it. I believe it needs a new fuel pump. The PO replaced the fuel controller, so I don’t think that is the issue. It does start every time I just turn the key on the let fuel pressure build. I have done all routine maintenance and will be changing out the transfer case fluid shortly. I love the car. I get 20 MPG city and 25 MPG highway.

Hello, All,
Thanks for the comments.
I must be thinking too intently about the X-Type for, within the past 24 hours, I’ve head of an available 2007 (gasoline/petrol; LHD - USA) with 186,000 miles (est: 11,000 - 12,000 miles/year). The high mileage is bit off-putting. I’ve yet to see the car. Engine may be the 3.0L V6.
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Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.


I bought my 2002 x type 3.0 v6 about 4 years ago, privately.
From the first day I never had any problems.
I have the front brake rotors a little bit worn in, but they still function.


My mechanic (jaguar trained) said that the engine is very good with no weaknesses. Between the 2.5 and 3 liter, there is no significant difference. Both are plenty powerful for the car.

I think that there are no significant issues with the X Types. The usual caveats apply when buying a used car. Closely inspect it for damage and lack of care, get a Car-fax history, have a pre purchase inspection done and compare it to others you’ve seen.

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Thanks, Everyone.

For the automatic transmission, what is the recommended interval for fluid and filter change ? I remembered the auto. trans. is the Ford sealed-for-life & often gets ignored unit.

From the comments, here, the X-type sounds like a reliable runner.
Also, I am assuming some parts will have commonality with the Mondeo/Contour.

In my town, I’ve caught sight several times of a Vanden Plas estate. Pretty car. I’m tempted for the next time I see it parked, to plant myself and wait for the owner. Ha.

Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.

I’m here in X-type land to ask the same question.
I have seen a 2002 awd 3.0 manual that looks jolly good
Any special pitfalls?

The engine is bomb proof and the car has no serious issues. Inspect it for condition and any repaired damage. For me, small things left unrepaired are a red flag. I’d take to a specialist for a pre-purchase inspection.

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I have a 2008 x-type sedan with 3L v6 all wheel drive with 110k. Bought it 4 years ago and very happy with it and use it daily.

Things to look out for are:
Auto gearbox should change very smoothly.
Front lights, xenon, should self level but can brake. When turning lights on they should move up and down.
Check the boot and spare tire, this should be dry.

below were small things that were broken when I bought the car and are known weaknesses but often cheap and relatively easy to fix yourself.
Parking sensors, broken but fixed with a cheap used module from eBay and changed speaker/buzzer for parking sensor.
Rearview mirror, autodimming did not work for me, fixed with a 2nd hand
Light washer covers were not good attached.
Loose door panels.
Door lock mechanism

I owned a 3.0 X Type Sport Estate (wagon) manual gearbox about 6 years ago. It replaced my Subaru Impreza Turbo estate which I’d enjoyed for 10 years until the rust struck.
The X Type had many good points. It was comfortable, quiet and luxurious. The engine was good and willing. It was spacious with the folding rear seat and it towed our caravan well. My wife loved it.
The faults were fairly minor. The parking sensors need frequent cleaning or they stop working. The estate has an opening rear glass as well as the tailgate. The switch for the glass can be trouble. The answer is to remove the rubber button, clean the contacts and cover them with vaseline. Don’t pack the switch fully. If you do, the shock of closing the glass triggers the switch so it opens again. The headlight washer jet covers mount on a plastic X shape thing. Those fail. Metal ones are/were cheaply available. The AWD differential bearing have a reputation for failing without warning. I never experienced this but I only kept the car for 3 months.
Now the really bad stuff, well it was for me. I drive enthusiastically. The X type isn’t a sporting car despite the badge. The brakes weren’t up to the job. A twisty road caused overheating and brake fade. The fly by wire throttle had a delay. I could engage 3rd gear at mid revs and pump the throttle on/off. This should have my head shaking off my shoulders. It didn’t! The throttle delay meant nothing happened!! Even worse, the brakes had the same delay. Pumping the pedal had absolutely no effect. When I cornered, the driver assist applied the brakes on one side of the car producing a most unnerving twitch that felt like imminent loss of control. I HATED that car and sold it very quickly. If you want luxury, you may like it. I replaced it with another Subaru Impreza Turbo. This time the hatchback with STI power. Now that’s a driver’s car with the versatility of 5 seats, a hatchback and a towbar.

I have a 2002 x type now for 4 years its fast , take off like a
race car.
I have not a problem since i have it.
I discovered that taking the spare tire out will give me a
good mileage its about 50 lbs.

I’ve had a 2007 2.2 diesel wagon for ten years now. I bought it as a daily runabout - it offered much better value than the ‘sensible choices’ such as aVW Golf. It’s gone from 40 to 90 thousand miles and I can’t fault it. In many ways, it’s the best all rounder that I’ve ever owned. It drives well, obviously not as good as the gasoline AWD, but still a match for a contemporary 3 series BMW. The downside: it’s not as good to look at or as exciting as my Mk2, XKR, or V12 Daimler.

My 2004 3.0 wagon has over 380,000 km. (230,000 miles). It’s my daily driver, ski car and golf car. I like it.