Opinion on Ecurie Ecosse C type/

any comments on this brand???

In what respect? They were the Scottish racing team that used factory cars as far as I knew.

The racing team in bygone times and the replicar-maker of our times isn’t the same :slight_smile:

Though how this aligns with Jaguar making their own “continuation” cars and at the same time going after a Swedish maker of C-type replicas, is anyones guess. This could all get very interesting.

In what sense is it a different team/company Nick?

Ecurie Ecosse has had an almost unbroken racing history - right up to today with current Le Mans Prototypes. They have raced in formulae as varied as F1, Touring Cars, Endurance Series etc.

OK, people involved with the company have passed-on over the years - people die after all! - and the company has changed hands (once). Compare that to Jaguar!

They are a dedicated and successful racing team with an illustrious heritage.

Arguably more successful in racing than Jaguar and amongst a number of companies who have celebrated Jaguar’s heritage - a heritage and reputation JLR themselves currently seem intent on damaging.

You clearly know more about this than I do, Neville. If the company has an unbroken history to the the original racing team, it still seems pretty baffling that a modern racing team should start replicating an old racecar, even though they raced them at the time they were new. Then again, Lister is also doing this, in some form or another, so it clearly is a thing.

Looking over their entry on Wikipedia though, I’m not sure I buy into the lore to the same degree:

If it says so in Wikipedia it must be true :wink:

Nick - racing, as I’m sure you know, is an expensive game! A constant cash drain.

I know the family/owners of Ecurie Ecosse personally. They are honourable people with racing in their blood and aware of the weight of heritage they carry.

Jaguar have freely used Ecurie Ecosse’s IP for their own ends over the years - without permission. To now turn on them in this way is despicable. For what? To protect the exorbitant asking-prices of JLR’s few replicas?

" The Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7 is a 250-unit limited-edition run of the Jaguar F Type sports car. It pays tribute to the Ecurie Ecosse racing team that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race twice with the Jaguar D-Type in the 1950s."