Opinion oriented question here

another question on the ways I’m “decorating” my xjsc, I’ve asked about horns, and now I’m asking about tires. I want to get white walls but I have no clue what size tire is on the xjs (mine are old and the words are worn off) so my question is

A) what size tires/ tread does the 88’ take

B) do you think i should do full white walls or just lines? pictures from google bellow:
download ebay149246680476176

Totally depends on what you’re going for. Whitewalls generally push a car backwards in time. So if you’re going for the classic look, then go for it.

I myself would rather push my XJS into a bit more modern/sporty look. So only black tires, I removed decal striping on the side (and luckily had no chrome bits on doors or fenders), and will be lowering car 1".

Stock size is 215/70R15 speed rated, but there is very limited selection in that size. 215/65R15 provide a better selection and have similar load rating. This only applies to the original “Starfish” wheels which were what an ‘88 would have(as top photo shows).

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Personally don’t like white walls on the XJS, but white lettering on selected parts of the tyre can look pretty good.


My .02: Cars are a form of personal expression. You should do what makes you happy and who cares what anyone else thinks.

If it turns out you don’t like it, you can always change it.


Do these fall under the same size? I don’t know if they are a package or not, but, the spare is one as well, not a starfish. They have the jag emblem on it

i was considering that, however i think that looks best on trucks, like if i were to do it to both of the cars i would like it better on the exploer

thanks bob, i just didnt wanna make a big financial decission without some thoughts

Do what makes you happy. Be different if so inclined.

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im happy to hear that from you of all people! you have one of the coolest, most custom xjs ive ever seen! whites it is!

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Are your wheels starfish, lattice, or wire? White walls might come out better looking on some of them than others. BTW, I agree with Greg. White walls make a car feel older/more of a classic. If that’s the look you want (or if you just like how they look on your car) then do it!

Also, have you seen redwalls before? I think they are pretty sharp. I saw them on an E-Type at a Concours last fall. Didn’t get a very good photo of that car but there are photos of cars with them on others threads on the forum. I wonder what an XJ-S with redwalls would look like.

Yes, those would be the same. Those appear to be the earlier XJ-S wheel, but would take the same tire size.

I know it depends on the trim of your car whether or not it works but I put this on my XJ-S few months ago.


ok, thank you, im surprised these are older rims though

When I saw those, I wondered where you got those tires, Lover … ? Does Dunlop still make those? The best sub I could find (15"ers) were my raised white letter Cooper Cobra Radial GTs that I have on Superblue and plan to put on Superblack as well … If for some reason you don’t like white letters, you can also install them with the other side (blackwall) facing out … Pretty nifty flexibility … :+1: My first set were on “clearance sale” a couple of years ago at NTB, and I snatched them up at the time for only $67.00 apiece. However, it looks like since then they have gone up in price, to around $105.00 apiece @ both NTB and D.T. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Search eBay for “tyre letters”, you’ll find most makes produced as stick ons.

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The tires are cheap. The Lettering adheres via cement. It holds up better than I had originally thought it would and looks the part.

James, wow I love the Dunlop lettering! I know you said be different if so inclined… but pretty sure I’m gonna copy you exactly. The tires, anyway. I have a black convertible that will be thoroughly de-grandpa’d with tire lettering.

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That Gulf colour scheme is just amazing!

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It is one of my favourites, along with a Porsche in Martini colours and the JPS Lotus in black and gold.