Opinions wanted - slight exterior tuning & wheels

(Leonardo) #1

Hello, folks!
I recently registered here, and I’m proud to be a part of such a big Jaguar society.
I’ve got a 2013 XF, and I totally love it. Now, after a small accident on the road one of my OE wheels was badly scratched, so I am about to give it to the paint shop to have all four prepped and re-painted into bronze. (the XF is white).
Now, I thought of adding two bronze strips (see the pic) and I was wondering what will you guys say about the overall look?

PS - here’s the original pic of this Jaguar

(Paul Wigton) #2

Done properly, I think it would be attractive.

Like gold accents, bronze/brass is best done with subtlety!

(Leonardo) #3

Thanks for your opinion, man! I am also excited about those accents and wheels. Though some say, you know, Jag is not the right vehicle for bronze stuff and mods. That’s why wanted to ask Jag owners’ J

(JimD in Alabama) #4

Wife’s XF is white. I like your wheels look. Not a fan of the accent stripes. Just my humble opinion, which was sought. Your car, your opinion trumps all.
Agree with Wiggles – if you do it, subtle rocks the house versus “in your face”