Opus Ignition Conversion

I know this topic has been covered and I tried to research it here. but am still confused and wondering if there is anything else new in the market. My opus system seems to be failing. I am looking for a fix that can check all the boxes: Upgrade to the old system. Easy installation. Most importantly, easy on the Wallet. I have heard of converting to the newer the HE system. What does this entail and any advice where do by the used parts? What about the later Magneti Marelli system. Do both of these require both the amplifier and distributor? What about the pertronix? As far as I can see it is inexpensive and does not require a new distributor. What about Terry’s system that does include everything for $775.00. I called SNG because I hear good things about there setup but they are out of stock and I don’t want to wait six weeks. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Was going to suggest the SNG Opus upgrade, but then I read about the lead time… I have seen/spoken too a few owners of Series II’s V12’s upgraded with this kit, they seemed happy…