Order of categories


I nearly always view the forum on my mobile phone. I was wondering if there was a way of manually ordering the categories with my favourites on the top of the list.

I checked all the settings so I imagine not. Thought I would ask the experts.


Not an expert but I believe the cats are arranged as per the most recents on top.

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No, afraid not.
Was originally the category with the most posts.
About a year or so ago an update changed it to the most recent.

You can, however, get an overview of all lists if you tap on the hamburger next to your profile picture if you only want to look at one or two lists.
Arrangement is not possible I think.

Hi Matthew,

It’s a good question and I actually don’t know the answer. A good place to search (and even post and ask) is the homepage for the forum software: https://meta.discourse.org

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!


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Thanks. 20 characters