Order of disassembly

I’m starting the disassembly of my 1966 coupe.
I was going to remove engine and the rear suspension assembly, but now thinking it would get rather tail heavy. I think I should remove the rear end first? Does this sound like the better plan?

I plan on building a dolly to set the body on afterwards btw.

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Either way, one end is going to get heavier, I think you will just need to make sure that the opposite end that you remove is well supported.


I think in part it depends on how you are elevating the car to get the engine and rear end out.

We usually try to leave a rolling shell as long as possible. Mostly so we can move it out of the way if required.

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You can of course still do that on a trolley too…… if removing engine from underneath without a hoist ……take it out first using the rear wheels as a fulcrum for the lifting of the body…… then support front end and just before the radius arms support rear end underneath and proceed very carefully to remove the irs …it is heavy and awkward … 2 man job if possible.

If doing on a hoist can remove either first …. Providing that the other end is well supported.

I went seats, bonnet, engine, IRS, subframes. My intention was to get onto a rotisserie as quickly as possible. The body is by far the major consumer of time and should come first. IMHO of course.

Edit: I went engine out from above but if I were to do it again I would support the drivetrain and take the subframes apart around it. I used the CJ model for designing my rotisserie.

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

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it’s no fun that way either.

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