Original Air Conditioning Unit

Like many of you, I’m doing projects around the house to keep busy. One of which was going through old parts.

I have a Jaguar trunk mounted AC system that I purchased many years ago. My restoration is complete and I’m never going to install this.

I did not remove this from the donor Mark X. So, I do not know if literally everything is there. With that, I appear to have the two condensers, compressor, evaporator box with fans, wiring harness, pully, hoses, mounting brackets/hardware and even some pictures of it being removed from the vehicle.

I know these are not too easy to find anymore and just about anyone going through all the trouble of restoring an old Jag would love to have AC. So, that is the consensus on what it is worth? I believe they were somewhat of a universal fit but do not know how many models.

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Hi Micah, always good to know where you are posting from, you can place your country flag on your profile. I’m in New Zealand so although it might fit into my ‘S’ (65) it’s probable that you are n the USA so it ain’t coming across the Pacific :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. I was really active on the old site and don’t visit as much to the new site.


There been one on E-bay for about a year now and its going for few hundred dollars.

That is not encouraging. I searched eBay before posting this and did not see one listed. Do you have a link?


I believe, but am not certain, the evaporator might be larger for a MKX/420G than the smaller saloons, that would be the most valuable part for a restorer of that marque, as they are scarce.

It is possible, (even wise) to use modern universal parts,
as 50yr old aircon parts are likely to not hold gas

This devalues them in my experience.

I have seen some stuff available over the years, and have some parts myself.

The brackets and belt tensioner parts are valuable too!

value would be in the hundreds imo, shipping any large item is always the issue

Hi Micah,
Here is the link


There have been MK 10 A/C systems on for a similar price before. I don’t think it ever sold either.

Yes, it is. You can google the JCNA Air Conditioning Judging Guide (which returns a PDF). It is a good resource and has many photos.

I have a Mark X rear evaporator, which I had intended to add to my S1 XJ. The earliest S1s carried over the Mark X unit, which fits correctly into the boot. I wanted to have dual evaporators because the one behind the fascia is undersized.

Besides the rear evap, not much of the package is usable IMO. The engine compartment components can be upgraded, as was done on later XK-engined cars. A modern condenser will do better than the two fitted to the Mark X, and there are many better compressors than the old two cylinder York.

The York compressor is saleable as an “onboard air compressor” for off-roaders

They need rebuilding if used for aircon, as the main seal leaks the gas out (guess how I know)

Hoses will need to be made new

It is easy to replace the York with a Sanden 715, and the condensor with a “Universal”

As I mentioned, the brackets and belt tensioning wheels are indispensable for hooking it all up

alternative Evaporator units can be custom made to fit the boot…or front dash in some cases

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I must have junked a 100 of those things…:pleading_face:

Well, mine looks nothing like the one listed on eBay. That thing looks like someone’s homemade mess. The condenser looks like the same one I have on my '71 Maverick and the plumbing resembles my mothers sprinkler system.
Mine is an actual unit from Jaguar. As some comments suggest, the evaporator box is probably the most valuable. The rest of the pieces are upgradable.
I am getting the feeling that there is not much of a demand for it. I cannot recall what I pad or it.

As I recall, the best info is on the JCNA site, written by ex-J-L lister and reknowned 420G expert, George Camp…goes thru all the early air con on various models, complete with pics

There is also a .pdf in existence entitled “Guide to fitting aircon to MKX”…a factory publication

they set them up to air tyres and run pneumatic tools, apparently they work very well,

not so easy on a modern packed-out 4wd engine bay with serpentine belt

easier to just use a high power electric with supplementary tank

they are easy to rebuild, except the main shaft can get grooved, needing a speedi-sleeve

Well, I’m just looking to get my money back and have it gone.

I would probably get it off you, if you lived close by.

I intend to fit a 4wd rear mount unit instead (due to lack of availability of OEM unit)

Thats the biggest evaporator I have ever seen in a car !

The compressor bracket and especially the front tensioner brackets are vital to getting the project done, I was lucky to obtain some

here is an example, not cheap

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Tony, Your sure right about that! George Camp probably has the largest collection of Jaguar publications and factory letters this side of the factory and I’d bet, concerning letters, some that they don’t have!

A few questions: How well will one of these vintage systems work with R134 or later type refrigerant? Perhaps a conversion to a Sanden compressor will help but the limiting factor MAY be the condenser and/or evaporator. Can York compressors even be converted to operate with R134?

No issue imo, EXCEPT…all old condensors, evaporators, radiators etc eventually spring a leak, takes longer if they are preserved perfectly, and not getting bounced around in a car, but the internally pressurised contents eat away at the soft aluminium.

I recently changed out 3 condensors on a 25yr old vehicle to get one that was not leaking.

The one saving grace may be that they made them heavier wall thickness back in the 60s

My Hyundai’s condensir either got thin and/or got holed, sometime this winter, as evidenced by the greasy spot on it.

Fortunately, in a fit of actual thoughtfulness, I bought a brand new one, a year ago when Rock Auto had a clearance on them.

The behind dash evaporators on newer models is the big issue.

aircon is non-negotiable where I live, and even 10yr old evaporators, condensors (or heater cores) are hard to accquire…and very difficult to fit, requiring a complete dash dismantle ~10hrs.