Original air filter - nottingham england?

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Removed the air filter for the first time and was surprised to see the made in location as Nottingham England. Any guesses as to the date of the air filter? I’m guessing that this may date back to when my father was going to England

regularly and returning with random parts…

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Wikipedia tells me Crosland closed down in 2005.

I recall buying a Crosland air filter for my Series II from Special Interest Car Parts back in the last century.

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(David Jones) #3

Crosland Filters were founded in Nottingham in 1955 by Jack Crosland and Tommy Shields and became one of the UK’s leading filter manufacturers. By 1966 it was one of the operating companies of the Simms Motor and Electronics Corporation. In 1972 it was incorporated as Crosland Filters Ltd. In 1988 it was taken over by French-owned Precision Mecanique Labinal and was subsequently acquired by Sogefi (who own Fram, Purflux and a few others). In 2005 the company closed and Sogefi Group discontinued the UK only Crosland filter range in 2010. The ‘Crosland’ UK registered trademark was then sold to Euro Car Parts. Although the trademark sale allows Euro Car Parts to sell filters in Crosland boxes in the UK and Ireland, Sogefi has discontinued any product supply agreement in relation to Crosland.

This means that the Crosland-boxed filters now being offered by Euro Car Parts are not manufactured or supplied by the Sogefi Group, which takes no responsibility for the range and the products. My guess is they come from the far East.

So your filter would have been manufactured any time between 1972 and 1988 as it is marked with the limited company ‘Ltd’ suffix.

David (living in Nottinghamshire)

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Thank you for such detailed information - much appreciated!

Give my regards to the lions of Notts - I’ve spend many an afternoon wandering the streets of Nottingham.