Original glovebox owner manual sets XJ6, XJ8, XK8, and misc associated items (new pricing)

Jaguar Glove Box Sets and Other Parts.pdf (40.2 KB)
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Jaguar Glove Box Sets and Other Parts.pdf (40.2 KB)
Jaguar Glove Box Sets and Other Parts.pdf (40.2 KB)

Description:I am letting go of a partial collection of driver glovebox manual sets for the SIII & X300 XJ6, XJ8, and XK8 models. Most are complete sets and are enclosed in the original folders. I have made a numbered list that relates to the supplied photos. Please send in any questions or requests for complete photos of a set you may be interested in. Send any questions to rchartwell@aol.com
Thanks for looking

Asking price (if selling):


Contact information: rchartwell@aol.com

Cost of shipping (if selling): to buyer

Willing to ship worldwide?yes

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Just saw this post. (new to forums).
Would be interested in #5, if it’s still available.