Original key fob

I have what I believe are two original key fobs that came new with the e-type when my dad purchased it. My questions:

  1. Is this (from what can be gleaned from a pic) the original key fob?

  2. Do these have any value? I’m thinking about giving one of the two I have to a neighbor who has a project e-type in the works who has been invaluable in keeping me sane while working on mine as a thank you - but I’m not sure if this is original and if it has any value beyond sentimental?


Looks just like the one on my wife’s key ring, she’s had it a few years but definitely bought it from one of the usual vendors.

Thank you!

Now I have to see if I can find the original…

An original is quite valuable but I believe the one In the photo is a repop.
A good original can fetch $400-700 depending on condition.

It is an original period key fob made by CUD (Castle Unit Developments Ltd) in the 1960’s but not an official Jaguar listed fob. The spare parts catalogue lists two - the ‘wings’ and the ‘growler’ but there were hundreds of after market Jaguar fobs for sale in Motor Factors and fuel stations. If you want to study the history it is worth getting Bud Marston’s superb new book - Vintage Jaguar Keyrings 1955 to 1980 - which runs to almost 300 pages on the subject.

A more accurate date depends on the embossed CUD mark on the reverse of the medallion. Probably worth $300+ especially now Bud’s book has brought these to people’s attention.


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value or not, those fob´s being original to (your?) own car I would keep them with the original car. (Even though I do understand your wanting to do your neighbor a favour) I´d order him the Bud Marston book instead.


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Thank you all!

I’ll post some more photos of the other keys and fobs from the collection.


I have only one of these.


Bud describes that keyfob as the ‘Holy Grail’ and it took him six years to find one. It has the early style cVd stamp (mid 1950’s to early 1960’s) and only three have been seen at auction over many years making it one of the rarest Jaguar fobs and any Outside Bonnet Lock owner would kill for it. Suggest you lock it away and buy a copy of Bud’s book ASAP so you can complete the research. Value would be $$$



i had no idea…

That is the second generation key fob produced from the mid 1960’s, rare but not as important as the one you have.


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All - very interesting to read! I felt fortunate when the 2nd owner of my 67 FHC Sue Callaway (former VP General Mgr Jaguar North America) sent me the key fob below last October - along with ‘all’ original sales documentation . . . will definitely consider the Marston book! My car was purchased at Georgetown Motors in Connecticut per the leather fob as shown.

Best, Dave Reva

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I have ordered my copy of this new book on Jaguar Keyrings and look forward to its arrival. Click on this link to see some sample pages from the book: Dropbox - SAMPLE-9781854432957-Vintage Jaguar Key Rings 1955-1980.pdf - Simplify your life

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This was one of my dad’s favorites - mine as well :slight_smile:

Ordered the book as well— excited to see it.

When I get back from a work trip, I’ll post mine which I suspect may be period 1970.

I had no idea these fobs were worth more than $300 max.


Hi there,

As noone replied yet to adjust the evaluation of David, this is “only” the second CUD design. So from 62 on. Not 100% for OBL cars, but still for early cars and as all this stuff is aftermarket, why could an OBL owner not have bought this fob a little while after the car?

And I cannot remember ever seen this design with the very early CUD imprint. Even in Bud’s book he doesn’t state this to exist.

Having said this, David is correct in the value evaluation. This is amongst rarest Jaguar key fobs and therefore top dollar. I’d estimate it to be worth 1000,- US$. At least I would be prepared to pay tbis amount…

But keep it with the car, if it originally came with it or was purchased by your father for the car


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Hi Bill,

this is mainly to avoid tons of spam in my mailbox and on the website.
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Maikel Lemke

Forgot to mention that I am proud to have helped Roger Payne with the detailed articles in the E Type magazine about owner manuals sets and tool kits.
Also Bud Marston is a direct line for me not only for key fobs.

Up to you, I am here to help where I can.

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