Original key fob

Hi there
I have this one
It was given to my grandparents in the 60s, they collected keyrings and ran various pubs where ppl would bring keyrings in for them

I picked this one up recently… I know it was not originally from Jaguar

, but it is old and very good quality.

Thats a beauty.

Nice detail on the cat face. I purchased a new one with a similar cat face but it looked like a cross between a siamese kitty and a screaming monkey.

The one I bought from Classic Leather Fobs in the UK.
Superb detailed design and enamel quality. Original and made by one of the Birmingham badge makers at the time.

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Thank you for the dropbox link… didn’t see this one, but according to book pages… correct time frame for my 69 S2. It came with the car when I bought it in 1989.

I really like the look of the old style key fobs, so I made a bunch of my own design.

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If you’re selling them I would be interested.

I posted a link to them in the classified forum.

Since we seem to have run out of key fobs, how about looking at classic dashboard St. Christopher badges. These used to be attached by the selling dealer back in the day. They do add a nice period touch, I think.

I had this one on the dash my 3.8, from the Tourist Trophy Garage Ltd., Farnham which was Mike Hawthorne’s father’s garage and sold Jaguars and other makes. Mike Hawthorne is said to have designed the badge. I guess he didn’t have one in his 3.4, sadly.

I’m not sure where I got this from but I did live not far from Farnham a long time ago and it might have come from one of the numerous old cars that passed through my hands at the time.

There are similar replica badges sold on eBay that look just like this but they are larger and lack the mounting holes. This one measures 38mm.

This one came with our '72 XJ6 when the good lady wife bought it in 1987 as a slip of a girl. It’s still in use. All her mates had Corollas and Mazda 3’s. No brainer.

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The one on the left came with the E-type so that‘s the on one I use. The other two I found cheap online. The middle one I gifted to a friend who had just bought his first E-Type, 1966 OTS.

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That was the fob that came with Tweety, new, and went to Switzerland upon his sale.

A couple of years ago I was at a cars and coffee talking to another owner and here is photo of his original key fob. His car original sold out of Peter Lindner’s place. I was all geeked up since I really like the Lindner/Nocker Low Drag Coupe.

68 E-type FHC