Original Mk2 gas cap

(john schwamm) #1

Can someone advise if an original gas cap for a Mk2 is the same as an E type gas cap?
Or post a picture of an original Mk cap?
I have an extra E type cap, so hoping it is the same as the Mk2.

(john schwamm) #2

Someone has to know what an original Mk2 gas cap looks like!!!
Help please.

(KrissMotors) #3

The original Mk2 fuel cap is a rather modest looking thing:

This is from my 1961 Mk2 original LHD (made for export market) driven in Britain and then exported to USA. Perhaps the domestic ones were different.

(john schwamm) #4

Thank you, cap is same as an E type, my extra one will now reside on the Mk2 to be original.
Appreciate your assistance.

(Brian T) #5


This is a photo of the petrol cap that is fitted to our '63 3.8L LHD MK2. I conferred with the Jaguar Spare Parts Catalogues for the 3.4/3.8L MK2 and the S2 E-Type and found different part numbers:

E-Type Petrol Filler Cap Assembly - C.23601

MK2 Early ~July 1960 (with vented cap/non-vented petrol tank) - C.9024

MK2 onward (with non-vented cap/vented petrol tank) - C.17566 (This is the cap/tank configuration installed in our MK2)

I believe that the caps were different between the E-Type and MK2.


(john schwamm) #6

Thanks. Confusing now, but the E type extra cap I have is from a series 1 car. Like the earlier picture, vented cap.
Picture you posted appears to be vented cap? If you have a 63 car, would it be non vented cap?
My Mk2 is a 1960, early car, so should have vented cap for sure.

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #7

That’s the same as my 1962 E Type - some had a vent hole, mine does not. It looks painted, mine is not. Paul

(Peter Crespin) #8

According to the Coventry Foundation there was a TSB in July 1960 about the venting/fumes issue.

(Brian T) #9

Hello John,

The raised stamping on the chrome surface our cap reads “non vented”. The hole in the center of the cap does not serve as a vent. The cap is sealed from the inside via the gasket design.

Sorry for the confusion. We own a S2 E-Type and it is fitted with the same alloy cap that Kriss posted. I was curious and decided to look up the part numbers. Like Paul’s cap, my E-Type petrol cap is not painted but instead polished.