Original radio wanted

I am looking for an original radio for my '64 E-type 3.8 OTS. My car still has a positive ground. Thanks

I have sent you a PM



what brand? Motorola, Smith? Any specific Model?



Hi Maikel,
From what I’ve been able to find out, it appears that almost all e-types shipped to the U.S. in the 60’s did not have radios, and instead they were installed by dealers. Motorola, Smiths, Playmate, Blaupunkt, etc were installed. I guess the important thing is for the radio to be of early 60’s vintage in order to be considered correct for my '64 OTS.

Here is what I would install, the toughest thing to find is the proper trim plate…

Hi AJ,

had to rush from the workship and just took some pics.

I have these, not sure what scale you need.
Some are nwgative so.e are positive earth.
Some have MP3 connection.

Let me know what you fancy.


Hi AJ. If you check out the factory fit section on the etypeuk site there is a lot of radio info there. Iirc the only brand that was factory fitted to e types was radiomobile. The factory also fitted Jaguar branded radiomobiles in some of the saloons. I was able to source one from a 420 g for my 4.2. If you have questions consider asking on the etypeuk site. David Jones is a wealth of information on radios as well as all things e type.

Thanks, I appreciate the info. I’ll look into it.

Thanks Jeff - that’s very helpful