Original selling dealer

is it possible to determine the orig selling dealer in the usa?

The JDHT cetrificate I got showed the original selling dealer (and the original buyer). That info may not be on every cert but I think it is on most.

My certificate doesn’t even have a spot for the dealer’s name. It just records the Main Distributor, which in my case was British Leyland Motors, New York. But as Geo said, and I was once told, it was up to the dealer to report the first owner back to Jaguar Cars U. S, sometimes they didn’t. Maybe no dealer name and no first owner on the certificate go hand in hand.

My JDHT certificate, just ordered this April, has a spot for Dealer. However, it was “Personal Export Delivery,” (picked up at the factory)

You are correct, mine does not show the dealer, just the main distributor. I got the dealer’s name from the paperwork that came with the car.

Conversely, mine has the spot for Dealer, but there was no dealer.

I’m guessing the certificates for European delivery (and maybe everywhere but the U. S. ) are different.
Ours don’t have a spot for Registration Mark either since in he U. S. the car is registered by the owner after purchase.

The difference may be that my cert came from Mike Cook in New York.

Scott’s may have come from the UK as I am thinking they now handle all certs.

I had your style certificate for my 2+2. When I ordered one for the FHC they had changed to style Scott has. I prefer the older style, the one you have. It just looks nicer, IMHO.

Correct on both accounts. Jaguar North America no longer does it.

how does one order a cert?

Go to this link: Heritage Certificate . Follow the instructions. Turnaround is really quick. I went ahead and paid the extra few bucks (pounds) for email delivery because I’m naturally impatient. You still get a hard copy either way. I think I ordered mine over a weekend and had it in my inbox by Tuesday morning. The hard copy takes about two weeks to arrive due to shipping from England

My Heritage Certificate from January 2001 shows British Motor Cars of Santa Cruz CA in the First Owner spot and it notes 7/29/68. There is no Original dealer line on my certificate. I have the original sales receipt and they sold to its first human owner Aug 17, 1968.

68 E-type FHC