Original Style Battery

In 2008, I bought a Lucas “Tar Top” battery from Antique Auto Battery. Last year, it finally died. Antique was sold to a former employee and now does business as Jim’s Battery. Home | Jim’s Battery Mfg (jimsbattery-mfg.com)

Last year, I contacted them and held off my order because winter was coming. In January, I ordered a battery and specified that I wanted it in April. April came and after several days of calls and emails, someone finally answered the phone. The owner’s wife said they were gone for a family emergency and I would have it in two weeks. May has gone and we are almost done with June. They don’t answer the phone or reply to emails. Anyone have any recent dealings with them?

I would really like to have a Lucas battery again. Does anyone else make them?

In the meantime, I have an eight-year-old side post Optima battery that I thought was dead and replaced with a new one. Turned out the alternator in the Maverick suddenly died. I ended up having to make a new retainer for it and just ordered some cables to make it work. I really don’t like this battery in the Jag but I cannot drive her with out and she just sits there in the garage.


This is the Lucas tar top that I wanted to replace with a new one. I had cut it open at the top and found two dry cell batteries epoxied to the bottom. Cutting it open was a real mess. I’m not sure what that thing was made of.

I toyed with the idea of cutting off the bottom. I thought I could rebuild it by welding up a frame to replace the base. Since it was such a mess to cut and I was supposedly able to order a new one, I decided not to. Unfortunately, I sent it off to the recycler for $10. I wish I would have kept it. I would have gone through the mess.

I ordered some cable and was able to install the side terminal battery in place with the frame I created. I hate the look of a modern battery in my engine compartment.

Today, for the first time in over a year, I fired her up. Surprisingly it only took a couple tries. I ran out of time to take her out for a spin. Maybe tomorrow. At least she is running again.

Did anyone have any contact with Jim’s Battery. I’m wondering if they are just intentionally avoiding me.


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Micah I had contacted them in the spring about a battery. I received an initial reply but no response to my question and no response to later follow up emails. It’s not just you.

Could you have someone mock up a 3D printed plastic cover to cover one of the big box batteries from Duracell or other name brands.

Remember when batteries lasted a long time? Now O’Reilly, for example, only has a three year warranty, although it is not prorated and it full exchange. I bet many wait to the 11th hour and get a brand new battery for free. I just paid $150 USD for a Ford Ranger pickup battery on my commercial account. General retail is very expensive. Gone are the days of $50 batteries!

As a note and not to push a name brand, I use Battery Tender all the time to maintain the proper charge and not allow fluctuations to damage the battery.