Original XJS Tyres


I know Jaguar fitted their Cinturato P5 tyres to the XJ6 and XJ12 cars.


I think it was also fitted to the XJS. do any of you chaps know any more about them?

U.S. cars were fitted with Goodyear Eagle GTs, at least the latter (face-lifts) were … I finally got suspicious with Superblue last year and took her by a major tire chain place to find out what the dates were on her Eagles. Based on the dates and the low mileage on her (as well as the fact that Eagles have not been made in the last few years), we figured they quite possibly were the OEM tires. :open_mouth: Nice to see that Eagles were built to “pass the test of time” … but of course you are taking major chances of a blow out at any time, going around with 17+ -year-old tires on your car, no matter how good they still look. :grimacing:

To get extra nerdy do you know what year these were used. I think

Originally it was Dunlop SP Sport

Pirelli developed the Cinturato P5 at the request of Jaguar which came out in 1979. so i thought they were fitted.

Do you know when they went to the Goodyear Eagle GT.

This is a great film i cam accross when researching a similar situation with testross tyres https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=hAgbpZAmcDY

I know it had to have been in '94, at the latest, as I have a ‘94 MY owners’ manual set and it mentions that brand in it.

Oh right the P5 is for Jags between 79- maybe the end of the '80s. maybe even early '90s.

Actually that is the detail i’m trying to claify

I’ve had no good experience of Pirellis, not my personal choice but they’ve been fitted to a few cars when I bought them: Terrible wet performance on my XJ6, shredded within a year on my XJ12, near fatal delamination on my Alfa. Avoid.

Facelift vehicles came with Pirelli tyres. My 1995 came with Pirellis , The owners literature in my car had a Pirelli warranty booklet and the cars are wearing Pirellis in all the brochures as well as Pirelli being specifically mentioned:


Has anyone mentioned the USA vs. ROW issue? I’m pretty sure Jaguar routinely fitted US market cars with different brand tires than the ROW cars.

My facelift HAD the original Pirelli spare when I bought the first facelift from a person in the DC suburbs in 2010.

I can’t recall what the spare tire was with the second one I bought (to replace the loss of the first one) because I kept the wheels and tires from the first one.

All XJS came with Pirelli, as standard equipment as I posted in the brochure above. Pirelli+XJS is like Connolly+XJS

Let me correct that statement—- at least from the mid- 1980’s Pirelli was standard. The 1975 original equipment tires where Dunlop upon release.

Does anyone have evidence of XJS on the P5 that Pirelli have just made again. I think in the early '80s at least they fitted https://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/pirelli-collezione/p5/215-70-wr-15-pirelli-p5.html and the 6 clider ones would have fitted https://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/pirelli-collezione/p5/205-70wr15-pirelli-p5.html

Actually we are selling quite a lot of these to Germany, but i’m not sure about the States

Last time I asked about new Pirellis at a tire shop here (a couple of years or so ago) I was told Pirelli has stopped making or was about to stop making (exporting to the U.S.?) any consumer tires, or only truck tires, or some such along those lines. In other words, no more P-anythings. :frowning_face: Was that not the case? If not, could be maybe the shop just didn’t carry them and was trying to “steer” me to buy another brand. :thinking:

Did you shop around online for Pirellis, for instance at The Tire Rack? They carry some Pirellis but not all sizes and they are not always in stock. I got a set for my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible there a few years ago. Maybe your shop didn’t know what they were talking about or had out of date info?


Well, the other complication is that so very few tire cos. even make tires for a 15" wheel anymore, since the cars that have wheels that small are becoming rarer and rarer. In fact, I posted how (fortunately) I ended up finding a new set of Cooper Radial GT raised white letters at one local shop (NTB). They were actually in the process of even clearing those out as “discontinued” (and at a bargain of only about $75 apiece :+1:). The only other tires that would fit our 15" wheels that I could find online where (1) B.F. Goodrich (and @ high $$) and (2) some new brand called “Futura” (much less $$ than the Goodrich ones). These were both white letter tires, too.

btw, I really like my Coopers … they look sharp on the XJS (and the name even sounds Brit :uk:). The other neat thing about them is they are designed so that if you don’t want the white letters they can install them the other way around so that the black wall side faces outward. I hope whenever Superblack is ready for her next set of tires I can still lay my hands on a set of them.

…try getting decent 14 inchers.


Tirerack has the Coopers.

I’m going to try the Kumhos, they have a higher speed rating. I’m also going a wee bit shorter/wider, to 225/60-15.

Tirerack has good reviews too, worth looking at. I have the tires shipped to me (free) and then find a tire place willing to install them.

Tire Rack has good customer service and free road hazard plans; they also have recommended installers in your area that they will ship your tires to, so that you don’t have to carry them around. I bought “H” speed rating Sumitomo tires from them, and they seem ok for noise and traction- but have had 4 punctures in 5000 miles. Maybe just my bad luck…by the way, size I used is 215/65-15. Speedo still seems pretty close.

In the US the Pirelli Cinturato tyres are available through Lucas Tires https://lucasclassictires.com/Pirelli-Cinturato_c255.htm

these are links to the new P5 Jaguar homologated tyres

205/70WR15 P5 https://lucasclassictires.com/205-70WR15-PIRELLI-P5-2057015P5.htm

215/70WR15 P5 https://lucasclassictires.com/215-70WR15-PIRELLI-P5-2157015P5.htm

225/65R15 P5 https://lucasclassictires.com/225-65WR15-PIRELLI-CINTURATO-P5-2256515L.htm

Some of the Pirelli Collezione tyres are requested by us. However the P5 tyres are requested by Jaguar themselves.

In the new Pirelli book it says

"in 1979 Cinturato P5 was officially homologated in the size 205/70 VR 15 on Jaguar models XJ6, XJ12 and XJS, followed later by the size 225/65R15 for the Jaguar XJ40.

So that is good news for XJS owners you can now get correct tyres again.