Original XK150 Owners Manual


Original XK150 owners manual. Please see the picture with the printing information.
Sadly there is some water damage on all the pages. I tried to show the worst case. The good news is the cover looks great. It’s not falling apart, but the binding is none too strong either.

No cover or lubrication diagram.

Asking price (if selling): $125

Location: San Jose CA.

Contact information: chris.jerbic@gmail.com

Cost of shipping (if selling): $5

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes

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You left out certain most relevant information…
What exact issue is the Manual you are offering…
It is shown as the E/111/? number on the lower-left of the last or third last page…

Thank you Roger. The nuber is E/111/2. I’m curious about what the number means.
Cheers, Chris

Re the E/111/2 Manual code, the ‘E’ denotes being the English language version (F = French, G = German).

The ‘111’ is the code allocated to the XK150 Model (XK140 = 101 etc)
The suffix /2 denotes the issue number which evolved over the 1957 to 1961 period denoting revisions to the included contents commensurate with upgrades actually made to the XK150…

The first issue E/111 was introduced for the first built XK150 in March 1957.
The second issue E/111/1 superseded for January 1958 built cars onwards…
Your third edition E/111/2 superseded for November 1958 built cars up to the last, with surplus Handbooks then available as a replacement spare part
Then there was a final E/111/3 issue that was reprinted in the mid-1960s for ongoing replacement spare parts supply, so not an issue actually supplied originally with a new XK150…