Originality or more modern upgrades

Oh yes, I forgot the radio…

Here is mine, which is another modification. It is DAB, has bluetooth to all the music etc. on my phone and has a concealed mic to make it voice controlled. This conversion is about the only thing that’s not reversible, but I could always stick a differet head set in.
…and please ignore the ammeter. That’s actually a voltmeter, so the needle sits low at rest.

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I forgot one of the best mods i ever done

LED interior lamps (the ones that come on when the door is open)

Not sure how many on an XK, but I have done this on every old car I own, as having multiple lights on, if one is working on the vehicle for a day, they can drain the battery enough for a non start, or if someone inadvertently leaves a door open, the battery will be dead flat, which is very bad for it.

Leaving the door open overnight has almost no affect even with 3 or more inside lights, if they have LED globes

I believe that none of all that–what modern cars are and can do, what today’s traffic is, who is driving today, whether they have seen a stick shift…has anything at all with a Jaguar XK120 140 150, E type, 50s- 60s saloon or any similar car.

IF–the goal is to have a car to be appropriate for the concerns of today, .then by all means buy one that is like that–there are sooooooo many. Why change a rather scarce classic, automotive art, a look back in time of the experience of the the car feels to drive into something else. The your car-do what you want does not apply to these cars. Buy a Lexus or Miata, buy a McLaren or Corvette, buy one of those sporty little 2 seat BMWs, No amount of modifications to a classic Jaguar will offer air bags, side crash protection zones, front crush crash zones…etc. Sticking a red light up on a pole and thinking you are safer is about like wearing a Superman T-shirt…and being safe from all except Kryptonite. Anyway…Urs said it best. waaaayyyy back at the start of this thread. When you park your classic Jaguar at a car show…and people look in awe of the beauty and design—will you be quick to tell them how you have modernized it?


Not only that Nicks extra brake light is magnetic,so if he lived in the Uk could trick the MOT testers lol.
Regards Gerry Ontario Canada 62 Ots.

why not just stick one or two of those small bicycle use led flashers…flash continuously—like F1 car rain lights. Just have it flashing away the entire time. WARNING–I AM SPECIAL–STAY AWAY.
they cost about $4, have an off-on switch…can just stick on…or off…on a tiny flimsy bracket.

…per day?



Yes, easily removable and stuffed in the boot when parked at a cruise night, which is what I do because as practical as they are they do nothing to enhance the cars’ lines.

Adhering to strict originality is also a choice - it is your car and this is how you best enjoy it. You’re calling the shots, and that’s how it should be. However, at some point your stewardship and mine will come to an end and we will not be able to dictate to the new owners what they can and cannot do. I can only imagine how driving will evolve in 20-30 years when these cars are approaching a century old and some of these practical modifications may determine whether or not they may be driven at all.

I posted in another thread this evening about a pair of S1 E-type owners taking exception to me having retrofitted eared spinners and toggle switches to my S1.5 in place of the safety knockoffs and rocker switches. Sometime this winter I’ll be adding covered headlights. Now, I realise these retrofits will not sit well with the purest of the purists but, frankly Scarlett … :sunglasses:

I wonder sometimes where enthusiasm crosses the line into a sort of intolerance. I admire and applaud the effort and expense some take to restore and maintain their cars in strict accordance with factory originality, but I draw the line on being told that I must do the same. It is my car. I own it. It doesn’t own me.

On the other hand, I recognise and appreciate that some owners take much satisfaction adhering to strict originality and all those original pieces and components I’ve switched out will go with the cars when the time comes in the even the new owners, or even I at some point, want to switch them back. It will be up to them (or me).


To your last line, precisely. To your first, I don’t have to wonder. I see it almost daily on this forum.


One can be somewhat intolerant- so what. It is all just opinions. One can make the argument for whatever, and not be open to other ideas. No one can really tell another what to do or not do unless they are armed. I expect those of different opinion to make their case strongly. But politely without personal attacks. A little snarky is ok- but will be mentioned.

Excellent option :rofl:

Hunt those desecrators down and advise the penalty for vandalism is a knee-capping


Guys, I might even put an Airbag into my XK140. I got inspired from a Mini.


If you want a passenger side airbag (which that would be on RHD), you could just get yourself a Mrs… :rofl:

(its a joke ladies & gents :wink: )

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Or fit a polititian = hot air bag.

If one enjoys a funny jape between mates, I guess one could adapt that to any front seat passenger that rides in it :grinning: