OSJI Interiors - MK2

Does anyone have any experience ordering MK2 interior kits from OSJI? My car needs the total package, and I would like to order from a reputable seller, so advice please!

They did the interior kit for my MKII and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
In fact, it’s held up so well, I’ve had them make a kit for my 150 as well.
I’ve already seen the kit pieces and they are every bit as nice as my MKII.

Have them send you some samples and talk to Reece. If you’re close enough, go visit them.

Get samples from BAS as well and compare the colors. They are close but not the same.

Hi, Thanks for the information. Much appreciated! I have samples from BAS and OSJI and I like the look of the OSJI samples better. I installed the boot kit from OSJI and it looks great. I have not heard anything bad about them so this seems like the way to go. Thanks again. Cheers

I have nothing but good things to say about OSJI’s MK2 interior kit and their trimming service. I had them trim the front and rear seats and recover the center console using their kit. I installed everything else. I’m very please with the result.

Wow! Fantastic job Brian. Much appreciated.


Hi Brian, Your car looks like the ultimate MK2. Can you send me more photos? I have the same seats and will be using beige leather too. I would like to use your car as an example of how to do it right. OSJI tells me they have a back log of 5-6 months for trimming the seats if I send the seats to them, so I’ll orders the leather and foam etc and find someone locally to do that part. What year is your car? Mine is a ‘63 4 speed w/overdrive. Thanks again for your help. Cheers,Mark

Thank you for the generous compliment and your car looks very nice too! I’ll be happy to share additional photos. Our MK2 is a '63 as well but it’s equipped with a Borg Warner 3-Speed Automatic. Congratulations on having a pair of Reuter reclining front seats. They’re not very plentiful.

Rather than tie this thread up with photos of our car, how do I go about sending them directly to you?



Sure thing. My email is bollixx@comcast.net Thanks!

Mark in Seattle