OTC injector cleaner specs

Hi, I inherited an OTC fuel injector cleaner unit but there was no manual for it. I understand in that manual there are specs for what to do/remove/etc. for every car.

Does anyone have the specs for the X308 and X350 cars?

I’d like to use this item, but don’t know about what they recommend to do.

TIA. Best, Brian

The X350 is a ‘returnless’ fuel system so there will be no need to block the fuel flow from a mechanical pressure regulator. Jaguar issued a TSB for cleaning the injectors.

Jaguar also issued a TSB for the 4.2 X100 which is also a ‘returnless’ fuel system. I did perform this a few times at the dealer.

The X308 is different so you will need to block the fuel return line to the tank somehow.

303-67 Rough Idle Contaminated Inj.pdf (32.6 KB)

XJ303-05 Rough Idle_Hesitation.pdf (32.1 KB)


Thanks for these TSBs, but I have read them and am, unfortunately, in no better position than before.

As I understand it, the info included in the OTC manual chart gives what the working pressure of the system is, remove the fuel pump relay or the fuse, what connection should be made (fuel line schrader port is common). I have also found that if the system is a return one like you say is on the X308, then the compressor pressure should be about 10 lbs. less than the operating pressure of the injectors to obviate the return. Of course, I don’t know if that will work on this car this way or not. I also do not know what the operating pressure of the system is (52 lbs. seems to be common).

So, there is a lot I can surmise, but not a lot that I know for sure. Can you be more specific? Also you mention that I “will need to block the fuel return line to the tank somehow”. OK, but how do I do that. How did you do that.

Sorry to be this way, but I like to get as much info as possible before I embark on a project.