Other little fun creations lighted leaper + weather vane



Clever love it!!!

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GEEZ, Scrimbonator … I’d say that’d scare any birds in the area off for sure … :bird: :open_mouth:

That’s that telephone again, isn’t it?

Thats an aluminum hood leaper that I drilled out… Put led lights in the eyes… just to have something to do

Neat job, Scrimbonator :+1: I remember back when I had my XJ40s I had wished that someone could take the front fender leaper emblems and somehow hollow them out from the backside, install a blinking orange LED behind it, and wire it into the turn signal system. It’s my understanding that in the U.K. the front fender emblems are in fact subbed for with orange blinking turn signal light assemblies, since their country requires such. So, my idea certainly seems feasible - re: blinking orange leaper when signaling a turn. :+1: :cool: In fact, this neat mod. should also work on the XJS, X-300s and XJ8s (at least) as well …