Our cars are quite small

Followed a MK2 yesterday on the motorway and was amazed at how low and narrow they look on the road! Every other car, even the small hatchbacks seemed so much higher…


Stew, try Murrica…:persevere:


I see quite a few small ones yesterday !


A Mazda 3, a Honda Civic and our XJ6.

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A master model builder friend of mine, has in his horde, no fewer than SIX unbuilt, still-in-their-shrink wrap Pocher model kits.

I keep telling him, if ya post those on eBait, he’d likely end up with enough money for a good vakay!

Pocher kits are the top of the line. Yes expensive, but worth it.

Mini Clubman vs MK2


Boy… that drives home the point that Maxi Minis are not really very Mini!

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it surprises me seeing that, especially the appearance of narrow wheel track in the XJ6
(I used to own a S1 XJ6, short wheelbase), and my Mrs has a Mazda 3

I couldnt find the shot I wanted of my 420G in a carpark, but this is another pic of it out and about


the motto is, if you dont want to feel small, one answer is get a “Big Saloon” !

mind you , when I calculated the in-cabin volume of the 420G vs a standard SUV, for purposes of adding aircon, it was less than half

The good lady wife and I took two cars to the All British Day in 2018 at The Kings School. She’s not much for early starts so we camped in Parramatta. I was surprised to find the two nippers flanking our XJ6 the next morning. Admittedly our car was a lot longer! Paul