Outlaw XJS opinion

Ron . . .
Well, not me personally. But I was at the All British Car Show in Mead Gardens, Winter Park, on April 7. There was a lovely royal blue Series 3 E-Type on the field, and under the hood was the V12 with twin turbochargers. Talked to the owner, who had acquired the car with that installation from the previous owner. It is an immaculate installation, very professionally done, complete with water injection for anti-detonation. I didn’t ask him about HP or fuel economy. But I was somewhat surprised to notice that the rear tires still had plenty of tread. Gotta think that setup made 400HP+.

Yeah, partly through the pic’s I came to that opinion. Great fab skills. But, all that steel weighs a lot., And, why, it isn’t a bull dozer.

Similar to the rust bucket rescued by Richard Rawlings of "Gas Monkeys " and sold at a profit to a Brit for a full restore at a profit to him as well!!

When I bought my Jaguar in 2001, it included a Brit Jaguar magazine. An on going article was on the rebuild of these fabulous cars. Torches to cut them apart to get the rust stuff out and fresh metal in !!! Brutal, then very tender as to the detail ???


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Hi Carl; i have a 2 hour video of my rebuild/resto, 1978 XJS V12 , complete car from start to finish running!

what would you like to see, most is boring, some is interesting , engine tear down and reassembly, also trans. GM 700, welding + welding + welding and fitting new metal.etc. i can take snaps out of Vid.

i seen that Gas monkey episode , he is a multi-millionair , and smooth talker business guy, but it is hard to BEAT CUBIC money altho but not much new lately.

times and interests change, and for sure me and you have endless tales of the past, like my 1st car(1934 roadster V8) cost $18. dollars, and it ran fine!

Slick, I’ll bet. Digitize and put on You tube or your own web site ! I’m sure many would be interested in segments at least.

I wish I had done more pictures on my last two projects the Hot Rod and the Jaguar.

Circa 1946, my first “car”. A not quite complete, 23 T roadster pickup. Wheels, yes rims and tires, no. And, it did not run. Drug home on a chain, Thanks, Unc. Parents OK with it. “safe, it doesn’t run, it will keep him busy in the driveway and out of mischief”.

Oh, oh wit school chum and "T’ guru, we got it to run!!!

Oh, more expensive than yours !!! $25.


My lady and I met Mr Rawlings a few months ago when he was checking out my custom XJS and camper. Great guy!

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Just take it to a weigh station when closed on highway and weigh it for free

do they have a registered weight slip for verification??

I believe they do when there open. I use there scales to get my weight balanced .

A junkyard can do it, too. While we’re normally in junkyards looking for some weird part off a 1977 Chevy, what they are doing is buying metal by the pound. What happens is someone shows up with a truck full of scrap metal, drives it onto the scales and gets weighed. Then they dump the scrap, weigh the truck again, and pay the guy for the difference.

Our local land fill works that way. Decades ago,
I had a box trailer that I used as a “dumpster”. Clean wast went in there. Mostly yard stuff. When full, I’d hook up to my truck and take it in.
Weigh in and weigh out. Pay on the way out.

And, at one time, a gravel quarry south of here sold by the weight. they also weighed cars or whatever for a small fee.

Some truckers figure out ways to evade the weight stations !!!


yeah…i know. over a year late for a response. to answer this one yes. it can be done and naturally aspirated but with one caveat: it cannot be done with stock cams of any sort without either forced induction or nitrous. cams that will accommodate the revs needed and valvetrain mods( a bit heavier springs and retainers) make a bit of a lope(or chop,as it were) so there’s NO setting a nickle on edge and expecting it to stay. port matching is a MUST to be sure. i am maxed at 480 at the rear wheels with these long runner intakes.
the mods list has already been posted in regards to fuel delivery and injection/ignition control head build and creation of the mapping software.

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I hope they introduce outlaw over here as this is also a crowd puller at shows I’ve attended.

great idea , i’m all for that, NZ/AU great innovators.

that is one CLEAN engine bay!!

witch you got a pic of your engine and runner setup??

One reason why we regained the Americas cup Yatch race :slight_smile: pedal power!!!

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this is the clean version via the dolly build.

5.3 litre intakes pictured under construction


Oh, that feed manifold for the injectors is niiiice!

pic shows a set of 5.3 manifolds/plenums, i think?
it is said that 6L are slightly larger ?
any pic of you LONG runner setups?

thanks. we custom fabricate them complete with mounts.

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wytch , nice work fuel manifold, but myself i dont like hoses to feed the injectors! lotta heat in the Vee area, slight leak maybe a fire, (just my opinion)!
pic of my setup , Neoprene O-rings top and bottom of injectors,Aeroquip fittings, stainless jacket hoses!
tested to over 200psi pressures! fuel rails are mounted direct on top of injectors holding all down on o-rings.