Outside Rearview Mirror

List: I am uncomfortable backing up, or changing lanes with the 73 XJ6 due to the lack of a passenger-side, outside rearview mirror. I don’t know if the mirror

on the driver’s side was factory installed. It has an adjustment mechanism on the inside of the driver’s door. Local suppliers are not able to match the design. I don’t need an inside adjustment mirror for the passenger side.

Is there a source for these mirrors? Was it is a factory installed?


I believe these driver side exterior mirrors were factory installed for US exports (not sure about UK domestic models).

Look for Jaguar part BD41463 or BD40822, depending on which side you need.

SNG Barratt has these mirrors

However, both right and left are adjustable so adding one to the right side might require modification of your door panel to fit the mirror lever through. Early XJ6s only had one mirror on the driver side (either LHD or RHD).

If you want one that doesn’t have the adjuster, just look for anything early AMC/Jeep like these:


It’s funny that Jaguar used the early Grand Wagoneer mirrors on early cars… and when Jeep changed to the big rectangle style, Jaguar just used those too!

Correct, and in the day I bought them for my S1. As mentioned, you can still buy the Jag ones and they are available for either LHD or RHD. But (as discussed in a recent thread that I can’t seem to find), the RHD version won’t serve as a passenger mirror for LHD cars. Its stalk projects at the wrong angle to view the mirror from across the car. A true passenger mirror (probably used) should be available from a suitable Jeep.

As I remember mentioning in that other thread, you still don’t get the convex glass in the Jeep passenger mirror. I swapped my oval mirrors for rectangular ones from S3 cars in order to get the convex feature. XJS style mounting plinths suit the S1 better than XJ style, if you want to keep the vent (NDV) windows operable.

Thanks to John and Kriss for directing me to an early Grand Wagoneer left side mirror. I’m off to the junk yard again.


My 1975 XJ12C came with both driver and passenger side mirrors with remote adjuster on both. Both sides had the handles of the remote adjusters broken off (by the ham-fisted PO I must assume). After many go-arounds with SNG Barratt sending me a right-hand drive right side mirror; which as mentioned earlier in this post, will not work on a left-hand drive car. I purchased two old mirrors from Paul Novak, thinking I could swap the control cables and adjusters to my perfect condition outside mirrors. This proved impossible (or at least I could not figure out how to do it). However, what I did discover was the elongated teardrop handle is pressed into the ferrule inside the cage holding the cables, thus I was able to pull out the stubs of the broken handles and insert the new ones. Voila! Two working remote mirrors.