Overpaid for bushings or nah?

this all started a few months ago with routine service for the rear brakes, mechanic said my rear shocks were starting to leak and had oil pouring down both of them. A few weeks later sure enough I started to feel the shocks giving up. So I go around to my local parts shop and get a pair of shock absorbers, I’m quite familiar with taking the spring off a pair of shocks and switching them over to the new ones. The shocks were waiting, I had ordered them the week prior. The store is usually quite good about keeping bushings in stock. when I did the front upper bushings a few months earlier they had them right in the store didn’t even have to order them in, thought it be something similar with the rear. lo and behold they have none in stock and they can’t order any. so I look in the usual places Amazon and other online automotive retailers nothing to be found for a complete bushing set. I then call the Jaguar dealer and it’s nearly $45 per bushing, some more some less spacer included. so for two sets of bushings came out to around C$335 do you think this is reasonable or do you think this is a complete ripoff :clown_face:

Which ‘bushings’ are you talking about?
Compare prices with the ones on here -


The bushings in question are parts 15 through 12 about 130$ here I for some reason couldn’t find this website😒 definitely keeping this bookmarked

Didn’t the bushings come with the shocks? Most Bilsteins do but I guess KYB’s don’t?

Oh and yes you got ripped off, one time the Jag dealer wanted me to pay $45 per A/C o-ring, so guess what - last time I darkened any Jag dealer’s door.

Part number 14 in your diagram is available from rockauto.com for $3.99 each plus shipping.
For part number 15 I have used standard rubber bushings available in most autoparts stores in the past.

I am only familiar with the XJS suspension – ALL shock absorbers I’ve seen come with new bushings.
Your post prompted me to check the XJ40 setup. Indeed, KYBs are offered with all upper mount bushings:

Given that the price of the whole new shock absorber is about $60-70/ea., one can argue that what the dealer charged for the bushing is equivalent to a robbery.

That’s a late (X300) type shock, only fitted to 94’s with cast wishbones …all other model years use a different upper bushing system …just an FYI …I imagine the OP got the other (earlier) upper bushing system - the one that uses the top hat or cowboy hat bush?

bushings are like most anything else you get what you pay for. I found bushes for a 94 XJ6. not knowing the year I used the first year of the XJ40 as the application to look for the bushings. URO parts has the bushes for a bout 6 bucks each. Now, I’m not a fan of URO parts because their not the best quality. Beck Arnley is good for third party parts, also you can look at SNGBarratt.com. I get my hard to find Jag stuff exclusively.

So for maintenance parts

Jag hard to find stuff

the first three vendors on the list above are my top choices.

Correct I have the newer type with the lower slide on spring perch

Thanks for the vendor list I have them safe in my pocketbook but in terms of you get what you pay for these better be solid gold and blessed by a rabbi

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Not exactly sure what you mean by “lower slide on spring perch” - does the spring sit on the control arm or the shock (perch)?

Jack’s got a '94 VDP. If you click on his username or profile pic, you’ll see some info. So his car should have the X300 type rear shock assembly like yours and mine.

Ok - thanks Joe - got it.