Overseas Delivery Sales Plan Folder - Any value?

Hi everyone, I have a bunch of old Jaguar brochure literature that I’m curious is worth anything. In particular, there is this folder for the Jaguar Overseas Sales Plan that looks like it’s pretty complete with an Overseas Delivery Purchase Order, Power of Attorney, and application for export forms along with instructions and some old brochures. Since I’m a new user, I can only attach 1 photo but have a bunch to share if anyone is interested. Thanks ahead of time for any insight!

Jason, welcome to the forums.
For your information there is a dedicated forum for ales and wanted ads.
Once (if) you settle on a price you will need to place the ads in that forum as there is a strict ‘No sell’ policy in the type specific forums.

Thanks Robin, I saw the Classified section but it wouldn’t let me post since I’m brand new

Make a few, and read a few more posts and “like”, by clicking on the heart below the text, on a few posts. That moves you up the ladder so you can use the clsssifieds.

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Thanks John, I appreciate the help!

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