Owner's Literature, Anyone?

(RCielec) #1

Ahoy !
I received no credible responses via Classifieds and, so, I am asking via Forum specific. OK ?
I am seeking Owner’s literature for a 2002 S-Type, 4.0L V-8 Naturally Aspirated. Anyone have anything ? Anyone know breakers who get into the literature aspect ? etc…? From some miscellaneous reading, I know there may be a variety of booklets according to the options and accessories on the particular vehicle. I do not know what optional booklets may be relevant to this recently purchased S-Type as I’ve not yet sought an avenue to have the VIN run and deciphered. Although, I can definitely attest to it having motor, seats and, in the ash tray, the previous owner’s remainder toll road change.
Anyone out there in S-type forum who can put me in the path to acquire the literature needed ?
Thank You.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro

(Jag-ur) #2

try eBay… there’s all kinds out there

(Eric Capron) #3

eBay item 132408865682 might be what you’re looking for.


(Neil Bennett. Patron) #4

Try here:


(RCielec) #5

I sent them an enquiry. Will need U.S. spec’ manuals.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro, U.S.A.