Owner's manual for 1992 SIII V-12

So I got lucky and bought a 1992 V-12 SIII with only 49.000kms (30k miles), a Japanese market car, but LHD and in as close to perfect condition as I have come across. All papers are there, including the pre-delivery test results when new, but lacking is the Owner’s Manual (glove box manual) The manual closest to correct will be a Canadian market example. Can anyone help?

Any info much appreciated!

Jack Verschuur.

Is this really that difficult?
Where is Gregory A?



I’m not sure I really understand the question.

Are you wanting to know if someone has a manual for you?


Hi Doug, long time no see!

Yes, my bad, I am desperately looking for at least the owner’s handbook, prferably a complete set with pouch. Thjis is proving a difficult item to find, and probably has to come from Canada, as the USA didn’t get these wonderful cars! Hence my call also for Gregory A, but he appears to have become very scarce around here…



Yes, we haven’t heard of him for a while now. I hope all is well…
Latest post was on October 2016.


Thanks Aristides,

That is a little disconcerting, I’ll see if I can raise him somewhere. Haven’t been in touch with him for 9 years!