Owners Manual for 2009 XK VDP

Does anyone know of a source for a “free” on-line owner’s manual for a 2009 XK VDP? Thanks!

Sorry … I got the model wrong! Should be a 2009 XJ VDP!!

Wellcome Bob.
The year 2009 was a cross over year for the XJ.
If you have the latest shape (X351) then Jaguar have the info on the current site

If you have the older version (X358) you will need to register here

I believe that you can get manuals without paying a subscription which is only really for garages.

Good luck with your new car!


Thanks very much, Peter. My '09 is the older model so I went to topix and registered. There doesn’t seem to be a manual available, but I’ll pursue it further with them.
Cheers, Bob

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I found this helpful thread on a different site.


Try here for the 2008 https://download1507.mediafire.com/sis1gjv7relg/oe8x2lj163adcn1/X350+-+Owner\'s+Handbook+2008+-+JJM+10+02+21+802.pdf

Thanks so much, Peter. I don’t imagine there is much difference between the 2008 and 2009 models, although they refer to it as an X358. I did receive a similar reference from retailer@jaguarlandrover.com.
Lots for me to learn about the X350/358. Hopefully, the lessons will not be too expensive!

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