P 0753 and p0758 clearly it’s common😞 1996XJ6

The title says it all for anyone that has experienced these codes please any and ALL information and or resolves would be greatly appreciated. My baby and my daily!!! Please helppppp😞

This may help;
And this;

It does and doesn’t . I know that these are all the causes but I also know I need to check the wiring and connections on the ecu and or tcm, in which idk what pins to test where they are located.

The title tells us NOTHING about what car you have!!!

(I hate mystery cars!)

Well it is In the x300 category so that should’ve give info, but I’ll edit it. It’s a 96 XJ6.

Tim, add this information to the signature in your profile. You’ll never need to re-type it again, then.

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When was the last time you replaced the transmission fluid?

This category is for Jaguar sedans from 1995MY to 2009MY (X300, X308, X350 etc.)

It hasn’t since I’ve owned the car not sure about the previous owner, tho I did read that that was a possible symptom only I check the fluids regularly and it is still bright pink and don’t smell burnt. The car is still under 100k. I think it’s an electrical issue tho, as it’s happened before sporadically. The trans light would come on, shut the car off restart it and it would go away. Two months ago the light and MIL light came on for a stuck shift solenoid, I cleared the code and didn’t have another issue until three days ago. Got on the highway trans light came on, shut the car down restarted it went away and drove a half hour to the town I live in And got about ten mins from my house and the car went into limp mode with both mil lights illuminated. Put a scan tool to it got the same codes so I cleared them and left the scan tool plugged in while driving. The car shifted fine no issues then three minutes later back to limp mode and clear the codes shifts fine and repeat two more times until I got home about ten minutes later. I see this is a common issue with the models, so I’m wondering if anyone had any resolve or Info on what to start looking for and where.

Appreciate that; wasn’t aware.

Change the fluid. My transmission fluid appeared fine. Smelled fine. I got one of your two codes, along with the limp home mode. I realized the fluid was 60,000 miles old! If I hadn’t logged that in, I wouldn’t have believed it. Possibly the reason why I never considered changing it, it still looked good!

Took it to a shop and had the transmission fluid flushed. No more issues. No more code.