P-Clips for Reverse Light Switch Cable for Mark V

My wires going to the reverse light switch on the gearbox are too close to the exhaust pipe. I understand there should be a P-clip on one of the bolts of the gearbox. Anybody know which bolt?
And there should be a clip on the cruciform X part of the chassis frame. Anybody know where? I’ve been under there and I don’t see a hole for that clip where I think it ought to be on the right hand side.

Hi Rob,

I have a feeling when I was reinstalling those completely missing wires on my MKV I found at least one clip on the frame. I’ll report back once I have a chance to check this and take a photo or two.


Does this photo give details you seek?

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Thanks Roger, that bolt hole is normally for a gearbox cover bolt, but it gives me an idea. There is a 1/4" hole in the cruciform X in which there is a clip on the under side holding the parking brake cable. I begin to suspect the wiring clip was also at that place on the top side of the chassis.

Now the trick will be to see if I can get one on there with the body in place. The factory guys probably put it on before the body was on.

I may have solved the question of the other clip on the gearbox.
Upper most 5/16" bolt on the right side holding the tail case to the main case.

Figured it out. I had that parking brake cable clip on the wrong side.
The reverse cable clip should go there.

All set.
Tomorrow the parking brake.

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