P052F Glow Plug Module Fault Code (No symptoms except DPF probably isn't regenerating)

I’ve just had a new battery fitted to my 2015 X250 XF 3.0 S and before and after fitting the battery, the mechanic plugged in an Autel scanner and the only fault code that came up was PO52F, a permanent fault with the Glow Plug Module System. He tested all the glow plugs and all were fine so he thinks that fitting a new Glow Plug Module will cure this fault. There are no warning lights on the car and it drives 100% fine but if the Glow Plug Module isn’t working, DPF regenerations won’t take place - indeed, I haven’t noticed a DPF regen for a few weeks.

Has anyone else had this problem and is it worth me buying a new genuine Jaguar Glow Plug Module before the mechanic comes out next week to carry out more tests or will it be ok to wait for him to arrive and then buy a non-Jaguar part Glow Plug Module from a motor factor on the same day? I’m a long distance from the Jaguar dealership to buy the part there.

I’m just a bit concerned about fitting a non Jag part as the car has always been serviced at Jaguar and has had all genuine parts from new but it is that crucial to buy a genuine glow plug module? I keep hearing that some replacement parts come out the same factory as the genuine ones so maybe I’m being over fussy?:joy: