P1000 code, How to clear?

1999 XK8 back on the road after sitting 5 years in the garage. I went to smog place and was told just to put some miles on it to clear, after 500 miles not cleared (cat) indicator blicking code pending. Online shows procedures to clear diagnostic but did not work. Is there a procedure for Jaguar?

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There is a procedure to reset ‘readiness’ tests.

It is generally laid out in some literature issued by Jaguar.

The monitor procedures are listed in the AJ27 Engine Management On Board Diagnostics.

AJ27_EMS_OBDII.pdf (757.7 KB)

Each parameter must be met for all readiness to reset.


Put in the BEST GAS you can and drive a good 100 miles , all speeds and variations.
p1000 is a random code. Most times a BRAIN FART in the car world as the car is relearning everything after sitting 5 years.
Its like a 55 year old man getting up out of a chair, lots of moaning and groaning but away you go…