P5 Original XJ tyre

Pirelli have made 2 new tyres, that should be very interesting to you chaps.

this is a snippit from the Pirelli Collezione web site https://www.pirelli.com/tyres/en-ww/car/collection

A car maker that “creates” a new series of tyres: Jaguar.

In 1977 Jaguar asked Pirelli to specifically develop the P5. Technological excellence for luxury cars, comfort and noiseless ride, highest quality: these were the characteristics that CINTURATO P5 exclusively ensured to the British sedans. In 1979 CINTURATO P5 was officially homologated in the size 205/70 VR 15 on Jaguar models XJ6, XJ12 and XJS, followed by the size 225/65R15 for Jaguar XJ40.

The prices are good too https://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/pirelli-collezione/p5.html

In the States you get them from Lucas Classic Tyres https://www.lucasclassictires.com/Pirelli-Cinturato_c255.htm

However they aren’t on his web site yet because they are so new

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