Paint on inside of fenders and rear wings

My car is a 51 ots, so it was painted at the Foleshill plant. I am trying to determine if the inside of the rear wings (and the body area above the leaf springs) were painted black like the boot and bonnet or body color. The same question for the inside of the front fenders (not the inner fender/valance panel). Body color or black?
Thanks in advance,

Black. I have two '50 OTS’s and underneath the grime/ road dirt/ oily stuff, there’s still black paint just like in the engine bay and boot. A purist may argue that it has to be semi-gloss but, like Rob Reilly on here, I go with gloss from the get-go as it will degrade down a semi-gloss soon enough anyway.

Ha, ha, I don’t know that a semi-gloss advocate would be a purist, they seem to be more duplicating the “as found” faded condition, but anyway I have gone with gloss black and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was brushed on, because that’s what I found behind my voltage regulator.

Thanks guys. That’s what I suspected, but I couldn’t find an answer in the archives.