Painted Butterfly!

This is the butterfly/throttle body in my 1998 Super V8 - not long had the car and first time I have had the air ducting off.

There is what looks like grey paint where the edge of the butterfly meets the internal bore of the body.

I am curious - is this as it left the factory or someones attempt at repair (and if so for what?).

Any thoughts welcome.


Jaguar advises that the throttle should not be cleaned because of a coating on the assy.

Note: The new throttle
body has a Molykote
coating and cannot be
cleaned. The new
throttle bodies can be
identified by a sticker

See page 8 of the service action 303-S514am

303-S514am Operation Of Throttle.pdf (371.3 KB)

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Most informative.

The edge of the coating where the butterfly contacts the TB is becoming very slightly chipped but I will leave well alone unless/until an apparently related performance issue arises.



I have used a soft rag with solvent to clean the bore on these throttles.
Make sure the key is out of the ignition because if the key is turned ON and the throttle actuates with ‘fingers’ in the bore, BAD things can happen.

Just don’t get ‘aggressive’ (ie. wire brush) and you probably won’t do any harm to the plate/bore.